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Who doesn’t love being kind or having someone be kind to them?

Being kind to others should be something you do automatically. You shouldn’t have to think about being kind to others.

Being kind has benefits too! For you and for the people around you.

When you are uplifting and kind to other people it changes your mindset to a more positive one. Thus, creating more opportunities to be happy and kind.

Being kind to others not only uplifts ourselves, but it most importantly uplifts others.

Someone could be having the worst day ever. They are ready to go home and just sit on the couch and be cranky and sad about their day.

Then you walk in and do something kind for them! This can instantly turn someone’s mood around. Even if only for a minute. And who doesn’t want to make other people happy?

5 Random Acts of Kindness

Here are a few ideas on how to spread random acts of kindness throughout your day or week.

  1. Do something for your spouse that they hate doing. Does your significant other hate doing the dishes? Go do the dishes for them without being asked. They will walk into the kitchen and see that a huge stressor is gone and will help them to feel happier.
  2. Compliment someone randomly. Whether you know the person or not, throw them a quick compliment! You can tell them they are pretty, or that you like their outfit. Maybe it’s someone you know, and you can compliment them on how great of a job they did on a recent project. Everyone loves to be praised and complimented and we often don’t hear it enough.
  3. Bring a treat to work for everyone. I know I always loved it when my manager would make us all cupcakes. They were so delicious, and it showed that she cared about us. Everyone loves a little treat and loves to be thought of. so maybe leave for work a little early, swing by the donut shop, and bring in a dozen for your amazing coworkers. For an extra kick of kindness, leave a nice note for them about how great they are doing.
  4. Help someone who needs it. Is your neighbor working on a huge project? Offer to help them or lend some tools that might be beneficial. Do you see an elderly person struggling to put groceries in their car? Go over and ask them if you can assist.
  5. Write a letter to someone you love. Who doesn’t love handwritten letters? They are so personal and sweet and the handwritten aspect just adds that pop of personality. Go ahead and write a letter to someone you love about how much you appreciate them and love having them in your life. I guarantee that it will make their day.

These are just five quick ways to spread kindness in your life. If you want a longer list, I suggest reading this post by Korra Shay. She has a list of 51 random acts of kindness that are so great and creative.

Go be kind and have a wonderful day!


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  1. The world needs more kindness and compassion in it right now. Thanks for a great post. I am going to go do something nice for a friend!

    1. That’s great I bet your friend will love it! ❤️❤️

  2. Mind Beauty Simplicity

    loved these suggestions! especially writing a letter to someone. i think little notes are so wonderful and personal.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them! I think writing letters to people is such a lost art!

  3. Such a good reminder! I am going to do something nice to a random person

    1. That’s amazing! I am sure they will love it.

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