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I love reading other blogs on wellness and mental health. I learn so much from them and sometimes it helps me gain inspiration for my own blog.

I spend so much time, like many of you, scouring Pinterest for ideas and help on things in life.

In this scouring, I like to search for blogs that are about wellness and keep them on hand for inspiration and leisurely reading.

It’s also great to help support other bloggers out there.

5 Bloggers You Should Be Following

Here is a quick list of five bloggers that I have found that I love and frequent.

I added a very brief description of each one and the topics they cover as well as three posts that I enjoyed written by them.

Put the Kettle On

This blog is written by Yolanda and covers a lot of the same areas we do. She discusses personal development in the way of self-care, self-love, and gratitude. She also discusses mental health, parenting, relationships, and healthy living. She has also written two books; Love Yourself First, a daily guided journal, and Today I Choose Joy, a daily mood tracker.

Here are three posts that I enjoyed written by Put the Kettle On. I think she has a really unique idea about the art of dating yourself.


This blog is written by its namesake and focuses on a variety of areas. The topics covered in this blog include, manifestation, personal growth, self-love, journal prompts, and relationships. She even talks about money tips which I found to be an interesting topic.

Here a few blog posts I loved. She has so many great ideas for self-care and for journal prompts.

Beyond the Blues 

In this blog, the topic of mental health issues is covered. They talk about bipolar depression, depression, anxiety, and self-care.

Here are three posts that I enjoyed from Beyond the Blues. I especially like the one about comparing ourselves on social media.

Anxious Lass

The Anxious Lass blog is written by Kelly Jean and follows the topics of chronic illness, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and she also covers general life topics.

Here are three blog articles by Kelly that I enjoyed. I really like the idea of the social anxiety challenge list. It really forces you to go out of your comfort zone and grow.

Case Street TX

Case Street TX is a blog written by Casey. She discusses many mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. She also has some great ideas on self-care and other topics as well.

Here are three blogs posts I liked by Casey. I really think her post on how to get through a panic attack is beyond helpful.



I encourage you to go check out these lovely bloggers. They have so many great insights into mental health and wellness. I love reading about other people’s stories and what they have gone through.

It can really help us out to know that we are not alone in the world and that there are people out there that have the same problems we do.

I want to make this a regular thing to post about other bloggers. I think it’s great to support each other and try to help out in any way we can. So keep an eye out for more posts like this so you can find even more beautiful blogs to read.


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