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The way you talk to yourself matters.

Do you frequently talk negatively to yourself? Telling yourself that you aren’t good enough, you aren’t pretty enough, your fat or lazy.

Well, that needs to stop. Now.

When you talk down to yourself every single day all day, you are setting yourself up for ultimate failure.

You are allowing yourself to be belittled and let down.

You don’t let other people talk badly to you, do you? So why are you talking so harshly to yourself?

I think it’s interesting how we go around talking to our friends or even strangers and we compliment them, but we can’t compliment ourselves.

We see someone wearing a cute dress and we make sure to let them know.

Or maybe someone is a great artist, and you comment on their Instagram post to tell them how much their piece inspires you.

But we seldom look in the mirror and say we look pretty or look at our art and think wow I did a great job.

Instead, we look in the mirror and we find some flaw to lock on to. Or we compare our art to others that we think are better than us.

This horrible habit needs to change, and it won’t get any better unless we take the steps to make the change.

Instead of telling yourself that you aren’t good enough, tell yourself that you are trying your best every single day.

Instead of saying you aren’t pretty enough, find one thing about yourself that you do think is pretty. For me, it’s my eyes.

Stop comparing your skills to others. If someone is better than you, it’s because they have put the time and effort in.

When you want to tell yourself your art sucks. Tell yourself that you are trying, and you are putting in the work.

Other people’s success shouldn’t be something that makes you feel bad about yourself. It should be something that inspires you to keep going and be the best you can be.

One way to start positive self-talk is to learn how to catch the negative self-talk and turn it into positive self-talk.

Negative vs Positive Self-Talk

Here are a few examples to help you get started.

Negative talk: I am fat.

Positive talk: My body is beautiful and lets me do so many wonderful things every day.

Negative talk: I am ugly.

Positive talk: My eyes are such a beautiful shade of green and people frequently comment on them.

Negative talk: I am not good enough.

Positive talk: I am trying every single day to be a better person and to expand my skills.

Negative talk: I can’t do this project.

Positive talk: I will break it down into smaller tasks and try again.

Negative talk: Today sucked.

Positive talk: I had a really good conversation with my friend today.

Remember these are just a few examples and your negative and positive talk may be different than what I listed.

You just need to take the time to identify the negative talk that you use, and brainstorm ideas on how you can turn it around.

Maybe open a note app on your phone or pull out a notebook that you can use. Take a moment to brainstorm some common negative talk that you use regularly and then brainstorm the positive alternatives.

You can also keep the notebook with you, or use your phone, and when you notice yourself using negative talk, write it down and immediately find a positive thing to say in its place.

The more you practice this, the easier it will get and the happier you will feel.

Now go start thinking positively and have a wonderful day!



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