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Journaling. Oh, how I love journaling. Is there something bothering you? Journal. Is there something you are excited about? Journal. Did you just have a wild and fun experience? Journal about it!

The things to journal about are endless and it can be so freeing to write stuff down and get it out of our crazy racing minds.

You can buy a new blank journal with a beautiful cover and fill it up with whatever makes you happy.

Or you go out and buy a guided journal that gives you prompts on what to write about. I love guided journals for when I am not feeling overly inspired or motivated.

Whatever fits your fancy will work just fine to get your journaling routine going.

In this post, I will give you five prompts to use in your journal that will help with self-love.

We all struggle with loving ourselves from time to time. It’s natural. We are our own worst critiques. But we should be trying to practice some self-love techniques as often as possible.

Self-love can look a lot like self-care depending on what it is. Maybe taking a hot bath is part of your self-care routine. It can also be part of your self-love routine.

While in the bath you can thank your beautiful body for getting you where you are going every day. Letting you eat delicious foods and smell amazing smells. Take a minute to appreciate your body and all it does for you while you soak in the bath salts and bubbles.

5 Journal Prompts for Self-Love

Here are five journal prompts that can help you start journaling for self-love and find ways to love yourself more every day.

  1. What are three things that you love about yourself? Your personality, your appearance, your skills. This can be anything. Maybe your really good at memorizing song lyrics, or you can cook really good food. Whatever it is that you love about yourself, write it down! It can be more than three if you want.
  2. What are your strengths and talents? This can be the same answer as the first one. But try to find things that you are really good at that maybe someone else might not be as skilled at. Or something that you really enjoy doing.
  3. What is your favorite part about your appearance? I know this one can be hard for some of us. I know I struggle with it sometimes but there has to be something you like. Even if it’s just that you like your hair when it’s styled a certain way. Or you like the way you look in a certain outfit.
  4. Is there a time that you have felt particularly proud of yourself? Did you get employee of the month? Did you finish a big project that came out just the way you wanted it to? Or did you put together that really difficult piece of furniture with the weird instructions? Whatever it is, big or small, write about it and really recognize how proud you are that you accomplished it.
  5. What are your favorite self-care techniques? Self-care can play a huge role in our self-love. We need to be practicing self-care to really take the time to check in with ourselves and appreciate ourselves. Even if it’s just unplugging for ten minutes and doing a quick mediation to really tap into where we are and how we are feeling.

These are just five journal prompts that can be as in-depth or as simple you would like them to be. You can quickly answer these questions with one sentence, or you can go on for a page or two and really dig deep into the feelings. It all depends on how much you want to learn about yourself.


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