With Valentines Day coming up, I wanted to talk about how to celebrate Valentines Day by yourself. You don’t always need someone to enjoy this day.

Maybe you don’t have a partner to celebrate with, or maybe your partner isn’t available for Valentines Day.

Self-Love Activities for Valentines Day

Whatever the reason is, you will be able to enjoy Valentines Day even if you are on your own.

And there is nothing wrong with being alone either. When we are alone, we are able to work on ourselves and find who we really are on a deeper level.

I have two ways that I like to practice self-care, and 5 ways that you can date yourself.

5 Journal Prompts for Self-Love

Journal prompts can be a great way to delve deeper into who you are and what you need. I love to journal and try to do it daily.

It really helps me get my thoughts out and work through anything that’s on my mind.

I also love to do some self-love journaling because it forces me to think about myself in a more positive light.

When we are able to think of ourselves positively, it changes out mindset and makes us happier people.

Here are five journal prompts that will allow you to connect with yourself on a deeper level and practice self-love.

  1. What are five things you love about yourself?
  2. What is your favorite personality trait on yourself?
  3. What is something you have done that you are proud of?
  4. When are you the happiest?
  5. When do you feel most confident?

5 Positive Affirmations for Self-Love

I like to repeat affirmations to help myself get into the right mindset. If we repeat things over and over again and really believe that they are true, then we can change the way we think of ourselves.

For instance, if we choose to say “I am beautiful” repeatedly, and we actually put feeling and meaning into it, then we will eventually start to feel it and believe it on a deep level.

The law of attraction says that if we believe in something and we visualize it and work for, then we will manifest it into our lives.

So here are five positive affirmations that you can repeat that will help you see yourself as an amazing person.

  1. I am beautiful
  2. I am strong
  3. I am loved
  4. I am smart
  5. I am rare

5 Ways to Date Yourself

Just because you are single, or your significant other isn’t around, doesn’t mean you cant have fun and go on a date.

Dating yourself should be something that we as a society normalize. We should be allowed to go out to eat or to the movies alone and not feel self-conscious about it.

Sometimes we just need to take a day and date ourselves. Start the day with a little journaling prompt, pick an affirmation to repeat and then go out alone and do something fun.

These are just five ways that you can go out and date yourself. You don’t have to spend money either, there are plenty of ways to go on a date for free.

  1. Take yourself to see a movie
  2. Go for a walk out in nature
  3. Take yourself out to dinner at your favorite restaurant
  4. Put together a picnic and go to the park
  5. Go to a class and learn something new

Now that you have some ideas on how to practice self-love and how to date yourself, I hope you can enjoy Valentine’s Day alone.

I want everyone, no matter what their relationship status is, to have fun and be able to enjoy this day.

I will personally be making myself my favorite dinner, opening a bottle of wine and watching my favorite movies on Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget the ice cream to top off the night.

What will you be doing? Let me know down in the comments!


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