As humans, we spend an absurd amount of time on our phones, tablets, and computers.

Our jobs require it. Or social media pages require it. And our self-worth seems to require it as well.

It sucks up our time, makes us feel bad about ourselves, gives us anxiety about the world, and affects our sleep.

It’s time we start limiting the amount of screen time we have, just like we do with our children.

I like to do a digital detox at least once a month but preferably once a week.

I take at least one day, sometimes a whole weekend, and I sign out of all of my social media. The only thing I keep running is my instant messages so people can still get ahold of me if need be. But even then, if it’s an emergency, they can always call.

Now the question is, what do we do instead of staring at our phones?

This seems sad that we don’t know what to do without our phones buts it’s so true. Even I struggle sometimes with finding things to do that do not include a screen.

Things To-Do Instead of Look at Your Phone

Here is a list of things you can do instead of using screens.

  1. Take a relaxing bath
  2. Read a book or magazine
  3. Dance with your friends or family
  4. Draw, paint, or color in a coloring book
  5. Write in a journal
  6. Start a gratitude journal
  7. Go for a walk outside
  8. Exercise
  9. Write a story
  10. Take a nap
  11. Plan in your planner
  12. Start a new project
  13. Clean up the house
  14. Do the dishes or laundry
  15. Play board games or card games
  16. Go to the library
  17. Go on an adventure
  18. Go shopping
  19. Hangout with friends and family
  20. Play with your pets

These are just some ideas of what you can do that will take you away from the screens in your life.

Other ways to help you have less time on your phone or other electronics can be things such as putting your phone on airplane mode, keeping your phone off at night, use an app blocker to limit time on social media, put the phone down when eating, turn off the TV at dinner time, read physical books instead of Ebooks, and try to wait an hour after waking up to check your notifications.

These are all simple ways to help clear us of digital negativity and bring us back to a centered and peaceful place where we can find ourselves and truly relax and enjoy life.

You don’t need to always have your phone or computer in your face.

Enjoy the day-to-day without the need to take a picture of every moment or google everything.

Enjoy time with family instead of scrolling through the social media accounts of people who don’t even know you exist.

Trust me, you will find that you actually enjoy the time off electronics and you will begin to feel free and clear. It’s almost like a weight being lifted when you no longer are tied to your phone.

Digital detoxing is such a great way to reset at the end of the week.

Have fun with your off-screen activities and try to practice this at least once a month.


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